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Data-Driven Pipelines

Automate data transformations with data versioning and lineage.

Any Data

Images, logs, video, CSVs, tabular, genomics, JSON, etc.

Any Language

Python, R, SQL, C/C++, Scala, JavaScript, Java, etc.

Any Scale

Petabytes of data, thousands of jobs, hundreds of models.

What is Pachyderm?

Pachyderm is cost-effective at scale and enables data engineering teams to automate complex pipelines with sophisticated data transformations.

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Data-driven pipelines automatically trigger based on detecting data changes.

Immutable data lineage with data versioning of any data type. 

Autoscaling and parallel processing built on Kubernetes for resource orchestration.

Uses standard object stores for data storage with automatic deduplication.  

Runs across all major cloud providers and on-premises installations.

Key Use Cases

Our products solve a variety of machine learning (ML) and large-scale data transformation use cases.


The foundation of any production-scale ML platform for data processing and orchestration.

  Unstructured Data

Core data processing engine for video, audio, image, logs, and any unstructured data types.

  Data Warehouse

Building ML or complex data processing across Snowflake, Redshift and other data sources.

  Biotech & Life Science

Offering mission-critical reproducibility across BioTech, Pharma, Genomics, Healthcare, and Life Sciences.

  Financial Services

Scaling applications from fraud detection to improved customer service and algorithmic trading.


Accelerate Natural Language Processing in a scalable and reproducible manner. 

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Built for Data Engineers 

Pachyderm is container-native, running with standard containerized tooling and allows engineers complete autonomy to use whatever languages or libraries are best for the job.

Pachyderm is data-agnostic, supporting both unstructured data such as videos and images as well as tabular data from data warehouses.

Pipelines are intelligently triggered by detecting changes to data, which is all automatically version controlled by the platform.

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Chosen by Leaders

Reduce costs and time to results with automatic intelligent “diff-based” data processing, data deduplication and dynamic scalability.

Ensure reproducibility and compliance via immutable data lineage and data versioning of all data types and logic – input data, data processing logic, output results, metadata, and models.

Increase team efficiency and collaboration via git-like structure of commits, branches, and rollbacks.

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Loved by Organizations

We understand that you support Data Scientists, MLOps and other infrastructure teams. They will love Pachyderm too!

Data Science Support: Let Pachyderm be the single source of truth for your data. Use familiar Jupyter notebooks to experiment and iterate with your data collaboratively, while always remaining in sync.

MLOps Support: We work with the standard Kubernetes tools, integrate into existing systems and run across all cloud and on-premises providers.

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