Pachyderm has been acquired by Hewlett Packard Enterprise - Learn more

Hewlett Packard Enterprise acquires Pachyderm to expand AI-at-scale capabilities with reproducible AI

Today we’re proud to announce that Pachyderm has been acquired by Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).

We’ve seen a lot of success with HPE over the last year co-selling our product with theirs. That was when we first started talking about developing the products under one roof. Pachyderm will be joining the HPC & AI Global Business Unit and our product will become a core part of their AI at Scale platform.

Our vision at Pachyderm was always to build a canonical ML stack and joining the team at HPE is a big step forward for that vision.

We’ve always envisioned a set of open-source canonical components that each do one thing well and integrate cleanly with each other. In 2019 we were founding members of the AI Infrastructure Alliance (AIIA), a non-profit foundation with the mission of forwarding that vision and the ML ecosystem forward by promoting interoperability and collaboration. Pachyderm joining HPE brings it full circle in a way as we’ll be working with another founding AIIA member, Determined AI, which HPE acquired 18 months ago. AIIA will of course remain an independent organization and keep its same vision and goals. But HPE’s commitment to the mission and backing of the teams building core components will bring much needed resources to the engineering efforts that drive ML innovation forward. 

For existing Pachyderm users and customers nothing should change. Our product will remain available, along with the source code and there will be an ever faster development pace as we look to keep improving our products. Our roadmap will be largely unchanged. Customers and our community will get to keep working with the same great support team; with even more resources behind us.

The majority of the Pachyderm team will be joining HPE to keep working on the vision.

We’d like to take this chance to thank everyone; employees, investors, customers, and community members, who have been involved in Pachyderm. We couldn’t have gotten here without you.

For more information, please visit HPE’s press release here.

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