Getting started with Pachyderm

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Install the client

  1. Run the corresponding steps for your operating system:
    • For macOS, run: brew tap pachyderm/tap && brew install pachyderm/tap/pachctl@2.1
    • For a Debian-based Linux 64-bit or Windows 10 or later running on WSL: curl -o /tmp/pachctl.deb -L && sudo dpkg -i /tmp/pachctl.deb
    • For all other Linux flavors: curl -o /tmp/pachctl.tar.gz -L && tar -xvf /tmp/pachctl.tar.gz -C /tmp && sudo cp /tmp/pachctl_2.1.7_linux_amd64/pachctl /usr/local/bin
  2. Verify that installation was successful by running pachctl version --client-only:
    $ pachctl version --client-only
    COMPONENT           VERSION  
    pachctl             2.1.7
    If you run pachctl version without --client only, the command times out. This is expected behavior because pachd is not yet running.

Next Steps

Refer to installation documentation or review more Pachyderm concepts below.