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Pachyderm believes in the power of collaboration. We are actively working to build a strong partner network to deliver more value to teams building the next wave of machine learning applications. Explore our programs to grow your business.

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Types of Partners

Technology Partners

The MLOps ecosystem is growing rapidly and users need our help to make the right decision. Interoperability is key for success. Increase the reach of your platform and the value to your customers by partnering with Pachyderm.

  • Add reproducibility through data versioning and lineage.
  • Leverage the flexibility and incrementality of our containerized pipeline system.
  • Generate new sales opportunities through co-marketing and co-selling.

Consulting Partners

Pachyderm works with consulting partners and solutions integrators who provide deep expertise in AI/ML and the IT infrastructure that supports AI/ML. Bring the most comprehensive data versioning and lineage solution to your clients and make money by building a business around Pachyderm.

  • Leverage Pachyderm customer engineering & sales resources to help your customers.
  • Receive training and enablement to become MLOps experts.
  • Get access to the Pachyderm platform for customer POC’s and demos.
  • Increase demand generation through joint marketing programs.
  • Influence product roadmap and get access to Pachyderm’s Engineering teams.

Pachyderm Partner Community

ixpantia Pelotech Microsoft Partner Red Hat AI Infrastructure Alliance

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