Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Pachyderm

Natural Language Processing (NLP) can benefit greatly from Pachyderm’s automated versioning and data driven pipelines.

As teams productionize and scale their efforts in NLP they often find that data tasks are a time consuming bottleneck. Pachyderm can help provide the data layer that automates data tasks across the entire ML lifecycle from preparation to experimentation and training, and finally to deployment.

See how LivePerson dramatically accelerated their NLP ML Lifecycle, or try a hands on Sentiment Analysis example for free on Pachyderm Hub.

Sentiment Analysis – Try our Example!

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  2. Example documentation, data and code on GitHub See Example

“The difference was an order of magnitude faster…if it took 10 hours on the old system then it would only take an hour with Pachyderm”

George Bonev, PHD
Machine Learning Engineer, LivePerson
  • Data Driven Automation

    Automate your MLOps tool chain with data driven pipelines and data versioning.

    • Automatically trigger pipelines when new data arrives
    • Ability to process only new or changed data
    • Code agnostic – supports any library or language
  • Petabyte Scalability

    Rapidly process the largest unstructured and structured data sets

    • Parallel processing that requires no code changes
    • Scalable data versioning optimized to lower storage and compute costs
    • Kubernetes native
  • End-to-End Reproducibility

    Ensure reproducibility with automatic data versioning and immutable lineage

    • Faster data debugging
    • Ideal for meeting data governance requirements
    • Ease compliance and audit tasks
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