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Upgrade to Pachyderm Enterprise.

Thanks for using Community Edition. Please fill in the form to contact one of our Customer specialists to get pricing, and help in evaluating the full benefits of Pachyderm Enterprise.

Performance. Get unlimited pipelines and parallel workers that will allow you to scale to your biggest and most complex data processing tasks.

Security. Integrate Pachyderm into your identity and access control provider. Enable RBAC for more granular security controls.

Support. Get help and support from the creators of Pachyderm. Ensure your systems are optimized correctly and running efficiently.

Enterprise Edition vs Community Edition

Here’s a quick feature breakdown to help you decide.

Community Enterprise
Notebook Support
Immutable Data Lineage
Native Data Version Control
Data Driven Pipelines 16 Unlimited
Parallel Processing (Parallel Workers) 8 Unlimited
Role Based Access Controls (RBAC)
Pluggable Auth – Login with your IdP
Enterprise Support
Download Contact Sales

Need more time?

We also offer at 30 day FREE trial for Pachyderm Enterprise. This allows you to experience the power of Enterprise at your own pace. We still highly recommend you talk to our customer success team because that is the fastest way to get to production.