Getting started with Pachyderm

Install the client

  1. Run the corresponding steps for your operating system:
    • For macOS, run: brew tap pachyderm/tap && brew install pachyderm/tap/pachctl@1.10
    • For a Debian-based Linux 64-bit or Windows 10 or later running on WSL:
      curl -o /tmp/pachctl.deb -L\*/pachctl_1.10.\*.deb && sudo dpkg -i /tmp/pachctl.deb
    • For all other Linux flavors: curl -o /tmp/pachctl.tar.gz -L
  2. Verify that installation was successful by running pachctl version --client-only:
    $ pachctl version --client-only
    COMPONENT version
    PACHTL 1.10.x
    If you run pachctl version without --client only, the command times out. This is expected behavior because pachd is not yet running.

Choose your version

We have a version of Pachyderm for everyone at every stage of development.


Our free and open-source version of Pachyderm is built and backed by a community of experts. With Pachyderm Community Edition, you can quickly and easily build, train, and deploy your data science workloads on whatever Kubernetes deployment you call home.


Hosted and managed Pachyderm for those who want everything Pachyderm has to offer, without the hassle of managing infrastructure yourself. With Hub, you can version data, deploy end-to-end pipelines, and more. All with little to no setup, and it’s free!


Our complete version-controlled data science platform packed with all the essentials enterprise organizations need. Pachyderm Enterprise is the choice for individuals or teams who need an extra layer of security and prefer to deploy it on their own infrastructure.