The Leader in Data Versioning and Pipelines for MLOps

Pachyderm automates and scales the machine learning lifecycle while guaranteeing reproducibility

  • Data Driven Automation
  • Petabyte Scalability
  • End-to-End Reproducibility
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Rapidly productionize and scale your machine learning lifecycle.

  • Automated Data Versioning

    Pachyderm’s Data Versioning gives teams an automated and performant way to keep track of all data changes

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  • Data Driven Pipelines

    Pachyderm’s Containerized Pipelines speed data processing while lowering compute costs

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  • Immutable Data Lineage

    Pachyderm’s data lineage provides an immutable record for all activities and assets in the ML lifecycle

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  • Console

    The Pachyderm Console provides an intuitive visualization of your DAG (directed acyclic graph), and associated pipelines to assist in the design and debugging of data processing workflows

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  • Notebooks

    Pachyderm’s JupyterLab Mount Extension provides a point-and-click interface to Pachyderm versioned data

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  • Enterprise Administration

    Pachyderm provides robust tools for deploying and administering Pachyderm at scale across different teams in your organization

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What is Pachyderm

Enterprise Edition

Pachyderm Enterprise Edition is designed for large-scale collaboration in highly secure environments.

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Community Edition

This is our open source version of Pachyderm. With Pachyderm Community Edition you get the core Data Versioning and Pipeline features of Pachyderm, and can deploy locally or in the cloud of your choosing.

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All over the world data scientists and ML engineers are discovering how much better applied data science can be when Pachyderm is involved. Here’s just a few examples of they’re saying.