Industries Overview

Pachyderm automates and unifies your MLOps tool chain with data driven pipelines and automated data versioning to solve machine learning challenges across a wide range of industries

Learn more about how Pachyderm solves the MLOps challenges being faced by biotech and life sciences, and financial services workloads:

  • Pachyderm for Biotech & Life Sciences

    The scientific method’s reproducibility gave birth to the scientific revolution. As biotech firms turn to AI/ML to drive next generation drug discovery, they need a new kind of reproducibility: Pachyderm’s data lineage delivers the scientific method data scientists need to create scalable, repeatable experiments now.

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  • Pachyderm in Financial Services

    Machine Learning has made a large impact in Financial Services by addressing a wide range of applications from fraud detection to improved customer service and robo investing tools. Learn how Pachyderm’s Automated Data Versioning and Data-Driven Pipelines help data science teams in Financial Service organizations to automate and scale their machine learning lifecycle while guaranteeing reproducibility.

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