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Industries and Use Cases

Pachyderm provides a powerful solution to optimize data processing, MLOps, and ML Lifecycles solving a range of use cases across a variety of industries.

Key Industries

Learn about the key industries who are using Pachyderm to automate complex pipelines at scale.


Biotech & Life Science

Offering mission-critical reproducibility across BioTech, Pharma, Genomics, Healthcare, and Life Sciences.


Financial Services

Addressing a wide range of applications from fraud detection to improved customer service and robo investing tools.

Use Cases

An overview of the top use cases that Pachyderm is used to solve.


Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) can benefit greatly from Pachyderm’s automated versioning and data-driven pipelines.


Video and Image Transformation

Video and imaging ETL is characterized by large unstructured data sets that can create bottlenecks for teams as they look to scale.


Data Warehouse Processing

Data Engineering and Science teams need to leverage their Data Warehouse for churn analysis and customer lifetime value projections.


Data Centric Processing

The key to Data Centric AI is treating data as the center of the process, not as an afterthought. Pachyderm's data orchestration approach offers total flexibility.

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