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Data-Pipelines for AWS

Harness the power and elasticity of Amazon Web Services to automate data transformations with data versioning and lineage. Pachyderm actively participates in AWS ISV Accelerate and runs seamlessly on AWS services such as Elastic Kubernetes Services (EKS), Simple Cloud Storage (S3), Relation Data Services (RDS), Elastic Block Storage (EBS), AWS Fargate, and more.

Automate Complex Pipelines
with sophisticated data

Pipeline V2

Orginal Data Sets

  • photos
  • photos
  • photos
  • photos
  • photos
  • photos
  • photos
  • photos
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Object Store

Transformation Code


  import cv2
  import numpy as np
  from matplotlib import pyplot as plt
  import os

  # reads an image and outputs transformed image
  def make_edges(image):
    img = cv2.imread(image)
    tail = os.path.split(image)[1]
    edges = cv2.Canny(img,100,200)
    plt.imsave(os.path.join("/pfs/out", os.path.splitext(tail)[0]+'.png?as=webp'), edges, cmap = 'gray')

  # walk images directory and call make_edges on every file found
  for dirpath, dirs, files in os.walk("/pfs/images"):
    for file in files:
        make_edges(os.path.join(dirpath, file))

New Data Sets

  • photos
  • photos
  • photos
  • photos
  • photos
  • photos
  • photos
  • photos
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Object Store

Automatic Detection

Data-driven pipelines automatically trigger based on detecting data changes.

Version Control

Automatic immutable data lineage and data versioning of all data types.


Autoscaling and parallel processing built on Kubernetes for resource orchestration.

Automatic Deduplication

Uses standard object stores for data storage with automatic deduplication.

Cloud & On-prem

Runs across all major cloud providers and on-premises installations.

Pachyderm Editions

Pachyderm is available in two editions, Enterprise and Community. Choose the edition that is right for your use case. Read more.


For organizations that require advanced features and unlimited potential.

  • Unlimited Data-Driven Pipelines
  • Unlimited Parallel Processing
  • Role Based Access Controls (RBAC)
  • Pluggable Authentication
  • Enterprise Support
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For small teams that prefer to build and support their own software.

Complete data-driven pipeline solution with data versioning, and data lineage.

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Key Features of Pachyderm

Pachyderm is cost-effective at scale and enables data engineering teams to automate complex pipelines with sophisticated data transformations


Deliver reliable results faster maximizes dev efficiency.

Automated diff-based data-driven pipelines.

Deduplication of data saves infrastructure costs.


Immutable data lineage ensures compliance.

Data versioning of all data types and metadata. 

Familiar git-like structure of commits, branches, & repos.


Leverage existing infrastructure investment.

Language agnostic - use any language to process data 

Data agnostic - unstructured, structured, batch, & streaming

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