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Thanks for your interest in Pachyderm. Here is a short 5 minute video on Pachyderm which outlines what we do and show the product in action.

Why Pachyderm

With best-in-class data versioning, pipeline automation, and data lineage, teams using Pachyderm can train and retrain models faster than ever before.  With support for any language, any data source, and any data type, Pachyderm is the skeleton key that unlocks your team’s ability to scale any AI / ML project.

  • Automate and unify your MLOps tool chain
  • Rapidly process the largest unstructured and structured data sets
  • Iterate quickly while still meeting audit and data governance requirements

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** Due to demand we can only provide a customized demo to commercial opportunities. For community members we recommend you try out Pachyderm through our Community Edition.

The difference was an order of magnitude faster... If it took 10hrs on the old system, then it would only take an hour on Pachyderm.

George Bohev, PHD
Machine Learning Engineer, Liveperson

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