Pachyderm for Biotech & Life Sciences

The Pachyderm platform offers mission-critical value across BioTech, AgTech, Pharma, Genomics, healthcare, and general Life Sciences use cases.

  • Accelerate Development via Collaboration
    • Pachyderm data versioning allows easy sharing of data within and across teams while maintaining immutable data snapshots for reproducibility.
  • Automate Production Data Pipelines
    • Productionize repeated tasks in automated pipelines so your data scientists can focus on the cutting-edge research.
  • Fulfill Compliance and Audit Requirements
    • Pachyderm automatically maintains a complete audit trail (data lineage) for all processing steps to satisfy reproducibility and compliance requirements.
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  1. Pachyderm GATK Tutorial
  2. NCBI Research Paper with Pachyderm
  3. AgBiome Case Study
  4. Pachdyerm Enterprise Solution Brief
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Why Pachyderm

data versioning

Data Versioning

Pachyderm offers petabyte-scale data versioning for all file types (tabular, json, bam, fasta, images, binary, etc). Pachyderm tracks all changes to every dataset, keeping immutable versions of each snapshot in a highly deduplicated and space-efficient manner.

This allows you to track changes and diffs as your data moves through various pipeline stages. You can manage data branches, commits, and roll backwards to different points in time to reproduce any result.

automated pipelines

Automated Pipelines

Pachyderm makes it simple to build end-to-end workflows using any language or framework you need. We understand that your use case can require all sorts of specialized libraries and tools. You’ll never need to wait for Pachyderm to support your specific framework — if you can put it in a container, you can run it on Pachyderm.

Pachyderm pipelines turn your existing manual processes into an automated workflow where everything is tracked and versioned regardless of what data, language, or framework you use.

data lineage

Data Lineage

Think “Git for data” but better! Pachyderm version-controls all data types and delivers end-to-end data lineage. Data Lineage means knowing—with certainty—the complete journey of your data, code, models, metadata, and all of the relationships between them.

Pachyderm allows you to quickly audit which data or code change made a difference in your analysis. Data Lineage allows data teams to provably show how sensitive data was handled and processed every step of the way.

Pachyderm Data Pipelines for Streamlined Biotech Processes

What if data management was the easiest part of your biotech development processes? What if you had access to tools that supported your progress rather than creating time-consuming frustrations? What if you could finally focus on moving the biotech industry forward instead of fighting data setbacks? Pachyderm knows that you deserve better.

Our data science platform is designed for compatibility with even the most data-heavy biotech company processes. Pachyderm combines the power of data lineage with advanced, easy-to-use tools. This helps experts in the biotech industry create scalable end-to-end AutoML/AI data pipelines. This system of organization brings the crucial element of reproducibility back to data science. With the click of a button, you can see the exact data used to train a model. You can also examine versions of your work to determine the exact source of successes and failures.

Staying Ahead of Rapid Biotech Data Evolution and Reporting

The biotech industry changes continuously, which can make keeping up with the available data a challenge. This leaves Biotech scientists sorting through emerging data while developing their work and adapting to new information. What if there was a better solution to data collection and reporting?

Automated data pipelines provide an enduring solution to painstaking data management processes. When automating your data pipeline, your Biotech breakthrough will be broken down step-by-step. This eliminates the risk of a small, early-stage error or oversight throwing off your results. Instead, you can access all of the data in your production process with clearly defined stages. Pachyderm data pipelines help you flawlessly create, report, and document your Biotech algorithms to help the industry move forward.

Precision in Biotech Data

Your biotech company works hard to develop better medicine, more accurate results, and detailed solutions. This requires access to precise data and the latest tools. Artificial intelligence-supported software, virtual molecular models, and open innovation are currently finding their way into research laboratories. Pachyderm automatically provides users with a full history across the entire journey of the data, code, models, and relationships between them. Scientists can easily and instantly reproduce results, development workflows, and provide an iron-clad step-by-step playback of the entire process that can stand up to any level of scrutiny.

How Pachyderm Can Help Biotech Data Management and Development

We know first hand how to help biotech companies do data science better. In the case of Agbiome, Pachyderm helped automate tasks so they can be completed more quickly, affordably, and accurately than before. What truly sets Pachyderm apart is our unique ability to provide data lineage with iterative, easy-to-assemble pipelines. And with Pachyderm, data scientists can use and succeed with whatever languages and frameworks they choose. To get started, talk with one of our experts, connect with us on slack, or simply start using the Pachyderm platform for free.

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