Engineered to make data science

Repeatable. Scalable.

Hosted and managed Pachyderm for those who want everything Pachyderm has to offer, without the hassle of managing infrastructure yourself. With Hub, you can version data, deploy end-to-end pipelines, and more. All with little to no setup, and it’s free!

Our free and source-available version of Pachyderm is built and backed by a community of experts. With Pachyderm Community Edition, you can quickly and easily build, train, and deploy your data science workloads on whatever Kubernetes deployment you call home.

Our complete version-controlled data science platform packed with all the essentials enterprise organizations need. Pachyderm Enterprise is the choice for individuals or teams who need an extra layer of security and prefer to deploy it on their own infrastructure.

Trusted by forward-thinking companies

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What is Pachyderm

Pachyderm is a data science platform that combines Data Lineage with End-to-End Pipelines on Kubernetes, engineered for the enterprise.


All over the world data scientists and ML engineers are discovering how much better applied data science can be when Pachyderm is involved. Here's just a few examples of they're saying.

"A Pachyderm Hub cluster equals Data Scientist autonomy!"

Raanan Hadar Data Scientist

"Setting up and provisioning a Kubernetes cluster can be a huge pain, so seeing a cluster spin up immediately on Hub was immensely satisfying."

Matt Usifer Software Engineer

"We use Pachyderm as our data pipeline orchestrator. For us, the fact that you can deploy it so easily to a k8s cluster, and use language-agnostic, container-based workloads are absolute killer features."

Guilherme Caminha Senior Software Engineer - Precis Digital