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Introducing Pachyderm 2.9

We are excited to announce version 2.9 of Pachyderm! With 2.9, Pachyderm has created new features that provide robust and user-friendly experiences, furthering our efforts to improve performance, usability and overall satisfaction for our users.

Pipeline orchestration: pause, restart and duplicate pipelines

Pausing and restarting pipelines now allows users to temporarily halt pipelines without affecting the pipeline’s configuration or data processing. This new feature is useful for maintaining and conserving resources. Pausing and restarting provides flexibility in pipeline management, allowing for efficient resource management and operational control within Pachyderm.

Duplicating pipelines now allows users to create copies of existing pipelines with ease, helping to facilitate development without affecting original pipelines. This new feature allows users to quickly replicate and modify pipelines, streamlining the data development process. You can find more information and demos here.

Console UI Performance Improvements

Pachyderm has made substantial enhancements to our APIs, leading to significantly faster loading times within the Console UI, achieving reductions in loading times by 50-80%. These improvements mean that pages for pipelines, jobs and repositories now load much faster, greatly enhancing the user experience. This update better streamlines workflow management, monitoring and development.

Updates to our JupyterLab Extension

We are pleased to announce that we have removed the requirements for privileged containers for our JupyterLab Extension. Our extension now allows more users to adopt our extension safely and efficiently. Users will no longer need to install FUSE or our mount-server, meaning fewer moving parts and easier installation and configuration overall. We have also enhanced the performance of the extension including UI and backend updates to provide the best experience for our users.

Project Pipeline Defaults

Users can now define pipeline default settings at the Project, which will automatically apply configurations to all pipeline specs within the project. This new feature provides a consistent pipeline creation experience, allowing users to iterate faster and reduce risk. It also saves time and effort by eliminating the need to manually configure common parameters, which is extremely useful for large projects with numerous pipelines. Find detailed instructions here for setting up pipeline defaults.

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