What Is Data Versioning?

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Data versioning is when different versions of the same data are kept in different places, based on when it was made and how it was changed. A new version is created with modifications in a dataset’s contents, structure, or condition. Versioning is one way to keep track of changes that happen when you reprocess, correct, or add new data.


Why Data Versioning Is Important

In today’s organizations, versioning data is essential for the following reasons:

Produce Reliable Results: Resources like data are dynamic, meaning they constantly change due to the flow of information. Therefore, developers of AI/ML models have to ensure they use the correct versioned data to produce accurate outcomes based on set assumptions. If they fail to version the dataset the model was trained on, they cannot replicate the experiment and expect the same results as last time.

Make Better Decisions: When working with data, remember that it is not always correct or accurate. Updates are often made to address these errors, resulting in newer versioned data. With the correct data, you’re more confident in implementing strategic decisions.

Meet Compliance Requirements Faster: Stricter data collection and privacy regulations make compliance challenging. But with versioned data, you can comply with the requirements more quickly and efficiently since data is stored, available, and accessible at any time.


How Do You Version Data?

There are two methods to version your data: file versioning and data version control software.

File versioning or full duplication is when you manually save a copy of the dataset on the computer. Every time a versioned data is created, it is kept in another location, taking up storage space. While it is the easiest, it is not the most efficient solution, especially with large volumes of data.

Another approach is to use a data version control tool. The software will automatically version data whenever someone updates the dataset. It allows teams to collaborate, track changes faster, and spot errors quickly.   


Data Versioning & Pachyderm

Keep track of your versioned data better with Pachyderm. Featuring one of the best-in-class automated data versioning, it gives your teams more control over data management. File-based versioning offers a complete audit trail across data pipelines at any stage. Sign up for a free day trial to see how it can help with data changes.   

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