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Accelerate Time to Value for Machine Learning Projects

Pachyderm is a language agnostic, data agnostic tool to automate data versioning, data lineage, and data-driven pipelines within your existing tool set - no matter what your stack includes.

Why teams choose Pachyderm:

Platform and code-agnostic. Any data, any source, any language works with Pachyderm Pipelines

Increased stability. Data versioning simplifies bug diagnosis & resolution

Effortless scalability. Diff-based processing & parallelization without extra code

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Data Science Simplified.

Pachyderm’s approach to data versioning and pipeline management makes it a great fit for many machine learning applications.  

Current client use cases include:

Data governance & audit compliance for life sciences

Automating chatbots with natural language processing for high-volume ecommerce

Computer vision with streaming video source data

Reducing model risk in financial services

Pachyderm gives us confidence that we are keeping careful track of the data we use and its provenance. It is at the heart of what we refer to as our Data Science Workbench.