Case Study: Risk Thinking

In this case study, Pachyderm was able to provide the foundation to work with data and deploy any ML tool Risk Thinking wanted inside of their machine learning loop.

In the early days of the pandemic, when uncertainty reigned about the best policies to protect people around the world, Riskthinking.AI’s team of veteran forecasters went to work. As 2020 went by, we saw machine learning deployed in everything from discovering top vaccine candidates, to tracking super spreader events but the Riskthinking.AI team took a different approach. Could they predict the best way to implement societal-level responses like lockdowns with the minimum amount of damage to daily life and the economy?

After getting the call from the Canadian government, their big data and financial modeling experts got to work assessing the economic impact of major pandemic policies. They crafted the CovidWisdom app, a dashboard that tracked the different approaches to shutting down. Their models showed the economic challenges of the pandemic in bold detail. It allowed city and state officials to visualize what would happen if they implemented no restrictions at all, all the way to complete lockdowns. Even better, they were able to model whether targeted lockdowns of specific types of places and events could work. That let world leaders see what would happen if they decided to shut down concerts, bars and gyms but nothing else or if they targeted only concert halls and bars, as well as dozens of other variations.