Pachyderm 2.1 Release

We’re excited to announce the 2.1 release of Pachyderm which includes Console enhancements that make it easier to get started with Pachyderm. 

Usability Enhancements for Console

We introduced a brand new Console experience as part of 2.0, and with 2.1 we’re adding some great usability improvements:

Additional Features: 

Pachyderm 1.12 & 1.13 End-Of-Life

With the release of Pachyderm 2.1, we will End-of-Life Pachyderm 1.12.

This is advanced notice that Pachyderm will stop support for Pachyderm 1.13 with the release of Pachyderm 2.2 in the May, 2022 timeframe. 

If you’d like assistance migrating to a supported version please contact the Pachyderm support team.

You can find out more info about the Pachyderm Product Support Lifecycle here.