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Pachyderm Console Now Available to Community Edition Users

We’re happy to announce that Community Edition users can now use Pachyderm Console to visualize and interact with their pipelines, repositories and Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs). 

Previously available only to Enterprise users, Console allows exploration of committed data, contextual log access, and speeds pipeline development and debugging by making it easier for data engineers to understand the topology of their pipelines, and more rapidly discover and troubleshoot errors.

Pachyderm Console provides key capabilities such as:

Visualize Your Data Flows

Pachyderm Console is an intuitive web UI which speeds up pipeline development by making it easier for data engineers to understand the topology of their pipelines. 

Complete with learning tutorials, Console provides insights such as:

  • Runtime and statuses related to pipelines, jobs, and commits.
  • Contextual Logs
  • Commit visualizations which allow you to view and compare your data.
  • Lineage (DAG) and List views



Monitor & Debug Pipelines in the Console UI

Console is a valuable companion when monitoring performance and troubleshooting pipelines.  Use Console to quickly identify and remediate issues related to:

  • Runtime performance
  • Issues resulting from pipeline configuration
  • Pipeline, job, and datum status
  • User Code failures captured in logs


Track Your Versioned Data’s History

Pachyderm automatically tracks all data and dataset changes via a Git-like approach of commits and branches. Use console to easily inspect data commits and branches to understand how your data is changing over time, and how those changes affect your pipeline outputs.

Data Lineage Across you Machine Learning Lifecycle

Pachyderm’s data lineage provides an immutable record for all activities and assets in your ML lifecycle.

  • Track every version of your code, models, and data with searchable Global IDs
  • Maintain reproducibility of data and code for compliance
  • Manage relationships between historical data states.



Console is now available as part of the Pachyderm 2.2.3 release. To get started with Community Edition and learn more about Console, see the resources below. Got any questions? Join our Slack channel.